Sunday, April 08, 2007

Iran Hostage Aftermath, the fury grows

More and more people are commenting on how daft and indeed outrageous it is that the 15 ex hostages are being allowed to "sell" their stories.

I had a comment from an anonymous poster who said this:
From my Son serving in Basra.

" Dad is it true that the Navy and Marine personnel who capitulated and then grovelled in front of the World's Press are now going to sell their MOD inspired and directed stories for 6 figure sums?"

Words fail me. You couldn't make it up.

Contrast their disgraceful action with the grieving loved ones of those killed in action and their quiet dignity.
Then we have various opposition politicians and ex military figures popping up and pointing out how crass, stupid and undignified this all is. The parents of our dead soldiers are not all that impressed either.

yes the MOD is right there is a media interest, but so what? No this is not the same as the media interest in people winning Victoria Crosses, because in that case we are rightly proud of them In this case frankly we are not.

Well the soar away Scum has an exclusive interview as has the Mirror. I suggest no one buys those two rags tomorrow.

There will be much in the papers in the morning.

Be in no doubt this is a very sad day for Britain.

The BBC has this.

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