Friday, April 13, 2007

We should boycott the Sun and the Mirror

We should boycott the Sun and the Mirror, because by waving large amounts of cash under the noses of impressionable young people they have helped bring shame on the nation.

I therefore call on all right thinking people to say no one should buy the Sun or Mirror on Friday April the 20th.

With a bit of luck the campaign will gather enough steam that these people will learn.

Pass it on.


Shades said...

I boycott them every day anyway, on the basis that they are rubbish.

Anonymous said...

No. They are in business to make money. They are in business to sell what the customer wants, just as are Tesco and Selfridges and Virgin Airlines.

It is the government, which has committed a gross breach of faith with the British electorate, who is solely to blame. It was a deliberate attempt to undermine this country's armed forces. Tony grows ever more ambitious ... Anyone who thinks he will leave in May is living in a dreamworld.

Benedict White said...

Delicolor, Well so do I, but I would like to get something going! preferably getting bloggers to carry the campaign as well!

Verity, yes they are businesses, and yes government must carry the can, but that does not mean we have to approve of everything they do, and are entitled to withdraw custom if they do something we don't like!

Consumer action can bite deaper and faster than anything Government can do!

Anonymous said...

Actually, BW, several of the papers withdrew the offers of their own accord, well in advance of Labour tra-la-la-ing in.

But even if they hadn't, we shouldn't lose sight of the fact that this was actively encouraged by the traitorous Labour Government. It is they who gave permission for these disloyal, ill-disciplined, rather stupid sailors to sell their stories. Having destroyed everything else, they are now engaged in destroying our armed forces.

I keep trying to think of some punishment that is dire enough for Blair, but there really isn't anything that approaches what is required.

Benedict White said...

Verity, I don't disagree, however we can also punish those who are looking to sell papers on the back of Labour seeking to destroy our armed services.

The only way to get them is to hit them in the pocket.

Anonymous said...

BW - Yes, but they voluntarily withdrew their offers! The only ones whose deals went through were Faye Turney, who presumably got her 100K, and the silly little Arthur Bachelor, who I think made enough to buy himself a new iPod and a real Hugo Boss shirt. Everyone else's deal got canned (of those who sought to sell their stories; not all did) by the newspapers themselves.

I said somewhere else that it is fine thing when the gutter press is more protective of the British establishment than the government.

Benedict White said...

Anonymous at 9.22, I am only talking about boycotting the papers that did the dirty, not the ones that had better taste at the last minute!

I just think they ought to know that their behavior is also not appreciated.

Anonymous said...

The Anonymous was me by mistake.

I think we ought to be warmed by the fact that all the tabloids shut down their offers.

The only two that published stories were the ones with Faye Turney's "story", cringy-worthy as it was, and sad little Arthur Bachelor, who lost his iPod on active service. Those were the first into print, which would have been a coup, but, seeing how the public reacted, the other papers decided not to pursue this line. And I don't think Faye will get far with any book Max Clifford chooses to have ghost-written for her.

The revulsion of the public was caught by the papers long before Tony Blair noticed a giant sick bag in Britain. Tony wanted the story of Britain's humiliation out. The British papers decided they didn't.

Once again, Tone up to his nethers in ice water.

Anonymous said...

I boycott the Sun and the Mirror everyday any way I hate them both. And if anyone brings the stinking trash into my house it gets burnt in the fire. That newspaper isn't even good enough to put in my compost heap, I don't want to eat my food knowing it came from the Sun or the Mirror, I rather my food came from shite.