Sunday, April 29, 2007

Postal Vote fraud in full swing

According to this article in the Sunday Times, Labour are at it in Leeds. They are "helping" people fill out their postal votes.

What is more the article highlights the way in which some community networks gather in postal votes and make sure they all vote the "right way".

Postal votes are not a secret ballot. They are open to mass fraud. This brings our democracy into disrepute.

I wonder what the Polish election observers would say?

hat tip to Brummie Bounder on for the link to the Times article.

For more on voting fraud see here.


Anonymous said...

New Labour New Fraud...Anything for power. Why?

Benedict White said...

Ken from glos, Because they don't want the electorate to "make a mistake"?

Seriously, some on the left only believe in democracy if they win. Some also believe the ends justify the means.

Both are dangerous and criminal attitudes.