Friday, April 20, 2007

Cash for Peerages, File handed to CPS!

Yes, Inspector Yates of the Yard has handed his file over to the CPS. They will make the decision whether to charge bring charges or not.

The file is a 216 page report with supporting material. The police have consulted the CPS throughout the inquiry so clearly the contents of the file will come as no surprise.

There is, in my view a high likelihood of 3 people being charges. Ruth Turner, Lord Levy and Sir Christopher Evans. Quite possibly for perverting the course of justice rather than anything else. There may also be another 2 people charged.

The BBC has this.

For more on Cash for Peerages see here.


Anonymous said...

Now what excuses will have not to proceed from the CPS, no doubt "not in the public interest" or maybe "not enough evidence" , I don't think the public after a year of police investigation will believe anything the CPS say.

Benedict White said...

Anonymous, Well if the CPS say charges will be brought I think there is a slim chance of them being believed! :)

Anonymous said...

If Levy is charged, it would be shriekingly unjust if Blair isn't charged. Levy can't award peerages. Only the PM can do that. He's in it up to his scrawny neck.

Benedict White said...

Verity, quite possibly, but that would require Levy giving full and frank cooperation to the police and to date I don't think he has been all that full or frank.

That said if charges are brought, then those charged may start to sing.

Anonymous said...

BW - Oh, Levy will sing. Like a canary. He has already stated that he is not taking the hit for anyone, and I'm betting he'll stick with that. I think he'll leave Tony marooned. He's approximately 550m times more intelligent than Tony, after all.

Benedict White said...

Verity, yes I expect both Lord Levy and Ruth Turner to sing like canaries, in fact some time ago I wrote this:

I can't wait!

I can't comment on the relative intelegence of Lord Levy and Blair, as I have not met them.

Anonymous said...

No chance of the CPS bringing charges b4 May 9th methinks, after all they backed off when Tony said he would resign, so they'll back off again as he really is going to resign!

Anonymous said...

I once had a dream of seeing B’Liar being lead from No. 10 in handcuffs. I do hope my dream comes true. I’d prefer to see it live, but I would settle for seeing it on the telly.

Benedict White said...

Maggie Thatcher Fan, I would be very surprised to see charges before the 3rd of May, alas!

Anonymous, We can but dream!

Anonymous said...

I don't have a clue what the final decision by the CPS will be, and who if anyone will be charged.
I just get a feeling that today's proceedings have been organised and planned with Blair and Downing street being well briefed before hand and allowed to spin accordingly. That does not give me confidence that the CPS are being as independent as they should, and therefore not just a decision but the timing of it could be influenced.
That would be a mistake for all involved, and although it might help Blair in the short term it could be highly damaging to a future Brown Labour government.

Anonymous said...

BW writes: "I can't comment on the relative intelegence of Lord Levy and Blair, as I have not met them."

You don't have to meet them. Look at their records. Blair's the front man, the flim-flam man for the socialists because he was all that they had that stood a chance of getting them a victory. Consider the competition to lead the socialists. The closest contender was Gordon Brown, for God's sake!

Again, look at the mind-boggling damage he has done to our civil society, our constitution and ancient institutions over 10 years. Of course, a lot of that was deliberate as he is a messianic little commie one-worlder through and through. But he has nevertheless been singularly inept.

Compare and contrast with Lord Levy. I don't think I've ever read any estimates of his fortune, but he's a self-made man, street wise, a wheeler dealer who had to think on his feet, including making quick decisions and instinctively knowing when to fake someone out. I'm guessing, as an ex-rock impressario, he probably has at least £80m to £100m.

Blair's got his salary, any expenses he can fiddle, any free holidays he can fiddle, and a couple of properties that he can barely keep up on the mortgage payments on. The Goodyear Blimp doesn't seem to practice law any more and that £200,000 a year figure was always inflated anyway.

If I were in a spot where I needed someone who could size up a situation in a couple of minutes and react effectively, I would choose to be in the company of Lord Levy, not slimy Tony.

It is my belief, as well as my fervent wish, that Levy will feed Blair through the mincer. I can't wait!

Benedict White said...

Verity, that is one way of looking at it. From my own point of view I would probably want to ask someone else though!

Yes it will be good if Levy feeds Tony through the mincer, even if it is only for the entertainment value!

Anonymous said...

BW writes: "Yes it will be good if Levy feeds Tony through the mincer, even if it is only for the entertainment value!"

Yes, I want the entertainment value, too. Of course! I want an all-sneering, all-gloating, all-hating Champagne-filled evening. But just as much, I want him neutred before he does any more damage to our beautiful ancient country and our beautiful ancient Constitution (copied throughout the entire Commonwealth).

Benedict White said...

Verity, yes they have gone through our constitution with a wrecking ball and for that I would really like to see them hung out to dry.