Friday, April 20, 2007

Tony Blair to resign on May the 9th?

Well, at least announce he is going to go on Wednesday May the 9th, the day after devolution restarts in Northern Ireland. That is according to this story by "the Mole" in the first post.

Senior ministers and figures have cleared their diaries, and so on.

Well, I am not sure. He could well go then, but he could hang on. He has confounded all those looking to predict what he was going to do so far and I can't see why that would change. What is more, my understanding is "the Mole" is closer to Number 11 than Number 10 Downing street.

Still, not long to go until the local elections now, when it is widely expected that Labour will take a Drubbing.

hat tip to Mike Smithson of here and ChrisD here.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Labour will take a drubbing, and Tony will have to stay on to rescue the party and finish this mythical "programme" that he's been saying he's engaged in for the past 10 years.

You're not going to pry his cold, febrile, grasping hands off power until he has been offered a more powerful position, and the Saudis haven't come up with one yet.

Benedict White said...

*Cough* I am not sure i would have quite put it like that, but I have always thought that when they get him out of Number 10 they are going to need a new door frame, as he will have 2 large bits of door frame in his hand where he has tried to hold on, as they drag him out kicking and screeming!