Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Heart Surgery league tables lead to better results

Apparently heart surgery league tables are leading to better results, as in less deaths. This is impressive though the opponents of publication did point out that this may lead to surgeons cherry picking their cases to get better results.

However according to this article on the BBC website, more hard cases are being taken on, not less. So far so good. It looks like good news.

We will have to see what other research there is.


Anonymous said...

Well knowledge and expertise in this area will have increased over the years, figures should be up. Let's hope they can afford to give the appropriate medicine afterwards.

Benedict White said...

Hello, Ellee, Yes that is a good point. After all there is little point in doing half the job, and if follow up drugs are needed and not available that would be a problem.

Is there a problem getting hold of these sorts of drugs?