Saturday, April 28, 2007

Liberal Democrats panicking in Ashenground!

As I said earlier, I was out on the campaign trail earlier today canvasing in the ward in which I am standing. (My running mate is Katy Bourne.)

If the frantic leaflet delivery is anything to go by, and yes Ashenground is getting more deliveries from the Liberal Democrats than it has before, including some expensive ones, they are in a bit of a panic!

I like a good campaign and a good fight, and that is what is happening!


Anonymous said...

Benedict, good luck to you and your colleagues on Thursday.
Loved the comment from one of my teenage children who is interested in politics and has been reading all the political leaflets, "those Libdems have a very "cute" way of representing the facts and their bar chart looks a bit dodgy to me"

Benedict White said...

ChrisD, Many thanks for the good wishes!

(An anti even wished me luck today!)

Yes LD leaflets are a law unto themselves in terms of accuracy aren't they? I think it debases politics. Then they have the cheek to sell themselves as the nice party!