Monday, April 23, 2007

Labour meltdown to 27%

Yes Labour are at their lowest poll rating virtually ever, making Michael Foot look like an outstanding performer.

The full scores are:

Conservatives 36% (+1)
Labour 27% (-4)
Liberal Democrats 22% (+2)
Others 15% (+1)

Which on Baxter gives
Conservatives 328
Labour 223
Liberal Democrats 66
Others 33

A Conservative overall majority of 6!

That said this is a Communicate Research Poll, and should be read with a certain amount of caution as they tend to be a bit of a roller coaster pollster.

You can read the poll here.

I did say in this article that I though Labour would dip below 30%, possibly as low as 28%. 27% is beyond my wildest dreams and I suspect Labour's darkest nightmares. I await an ICM or YouGov poll to see a trend though.

Hat tips to UK Paul, Andrea, and ChrisD on this thread on

Update 23:00

Anthony Wells election calculator gives:
Conservatives 302
Labour 254
Liberal Democrats 61
Others 33

Which leaves the Conservative's 23 short of a majority.


Anonymous said...

Meltdown at Nulab HQ,!
Legacy=poll oblivion, I wonder what Sean Fear makes of the local election foecast now.....

Benedict White said...

Maggie Thatcher Fan, Good question, we will have to see on Friday!

I suspect Labour are going to take a hammering, and a big one.