Wednesday, April 11, 2007

There was always going to be a loser in a case like Natallie Evans' case

I would hope that all people with charitable hearts would feel for Natallie Evans today, she has after all lost all chance of having her own baby, that is of her own flesh. It is not like she has not tried, not fought the fight, she has taken it as far as she possibly could.

I would also like to think that all good people with charitable hearts would have felt for Howard Johnston had the case gone the other way.

There are times in the affairs of men when these things happen. You have to balance the rights of one person against the other and no matter what the outcome it will never be satisfactory to all.

You see, had he had testicular cancer and were no longer able to impregnate he would have been in exactly the same position.

With a bit of luck and a following wind both sperm and eggs will be stored unfertilized just in case relationships split. It certainly seems to be the prudent thing to do in the light of all the circumstances and I would argue that it would be negligent of any fertility clinic not to offer such a service.

The BBC has this rather sad story.

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