Monday, April 09, 2007

NUT, are they Nuts?

I must say it is fascinating watching the reports of the NUT conference. Some of the speeches set out clearly what is wrong with our education system, namely the people making the speeches.

Take the speech about diplomas providing cheap Labour. Apparently they suit the aims of employers whilst not meeting the needs of children.

What a bizarre statement. We have children leaving school who can't read or write properly because some of these people try a one size fits all policy and then they have the temerity to argue that teaching pupils in subjects that both interest them and provide a job is letting the pupils down by not meeting their needs?

Have these fools not seen who are in our prisons? People the education system has failed, who have no prospects, can't read or write properly and can't get a job.

The NUT don't want to examine their own mistaken ideology over the years, they just want more of the same. A one size fits all system which aims to send people on one path whether they want to go there or not.

The BBC has this.

More on the lunacy that is the NUT conference later.

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