Saturday, April 07, 2007

Brown in the brown stuff!

There is bad news in the papers for Gordon Brown tomorrow. Polls carried by the Sunday Times and the News of the World show that the number of people who think he has been a good chancellor has declined sharply whilst those who think he has bad has risen sharply.

52% of voters think he has been a bad chancellor against 41% who think he has been good. A month ago the position was almost exactly the reverse , 51% thinking he had been good verses 41% thinking he was bad.

This is I suspect the result of Gordon Brown's Great Pensions grab and the budget which robbed the poor to give to the rich.

So it is now day 8 in the Pensions grab house and voters look like they want to evict Gordon! The only problem is they don't get a vote, the Labour party's electoral college does.

Hat tip to Noisy Summer on for this story here, and Mike Smithson of also has this article.

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