Thursday, April 19, 2007

Another bloody day in Iraq

Up to 200 dead in one day.

An eye witness described seeing a swimming pool of blood.

It need not have been this way.

There could have been a competent plan for the peace.

There was.

It was thrown in the bin.

Shame on you Donald Rumsfeld.

Meanwhile here in the UK, the good folks in New Labour keep asking us to hold the bombers and their backers to account.

We would if we could, but as I understand it, they are not standing for elections in the UK, so how are we supposed to do that?

We will hold to account, a bloody account, the politicians who had a plan for a short war, but no plan for peace. Such arrogance and stupidity must be punished.

I wrote this a long time ago about why we are in this mess in Iraq. Then Ken Adelman, former Assistant Secretary of Defence blamed us for not forcing them to notice how badly the US was doing the job in Iraq, it was our fault, cheeky, but he had a bit of a point.

The BBC has this, and you can read more articles on Iraq here.

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