Thursday, April 26, 2007

Who leaked the terror leak?

The Guardian has this interesting front page article on who leaked that terror leak.

In essence it names aids to Dr John Reid and a senior officer in Scotland yard (me, scratches head, wonders who in the Met could be so infected with New Labour's culture of spin? Um.. Blair is pm, Blair in charge of the Met.... Um... )

Obviously the Conservatives are still insisting on a leak inquiry, the Liberal Democrats are still insisting on a criminal investigation. Fair enough on both counts.

What made me laugh though was the Liberal Democrats and their press cuttings of "terror leaks". There have been 60. I can just imagine an earnest Ming Campbell cutting out and sticking paper clippings in his little big scrap book. Most amusing. I don't know which is more sickening though, the fact that there have been 60 leaks of very sensitive national security information,
or that I, and indeed every one else, has become so accustomed to it that not only are we not surprised, we laugh when someone tots them up?

Loose lips sink ships. This government is a danger to national security. It needs to go, and go now.


Anonymous said...

As this lot won't go anywhere ,shurly it's time for Mr Yates to be involved yet again ,this is out of the hands of that gang and is a police matter.

Benedict White said...

Anonymous, Yes that would be could simultanious criminal investigations into Whitehall!

Anonymous said...

Yes, but with the complicity of the BBC [just look at the 'Editors' blog] there are other 'useful idiots' very happy to assist with this scandal..