Sunday, April 22, 2007

On the Campaign Trail!

It has to be said there is an awful lot of walking in a campaign, so many people to see, and so many leaflets to deliver.

Still, in the ward I am standing in, Ashenground in Haywards Heath things are looking interesting. We are seriously out delivering the Liberal Democrats on leaflets and what is more the canvas returns are very positive.

We shall have to see how the election goes on May the 3rd, though we will not know the result until the count on May the 4th.

I expect I will have worn out some shoes by then!


Anonymous said...

Benedict, There was no serious grief about my error, i just finished bar 20 houses delivering the right leaflets, most people were at home and thought it really amusing, so i guess I've double leafleted them, I've walked 3 miles with my dogs too and I'm CREAM CRACKERED !!!!

Benedict White said...

Maggie Thatcher Fan, Pleased to hear it!

Mind you that is the difference between my patch and yours. I could have done the same number of houses inside an hour with a tea break!

By the time I have finished I personally will have delivered 3,000 leaflets.

Must do that beer thing again!

Anonymous said...

I didnt actually canvas, but I got a very good vibe about it, very rural so mostly Tory anyway methinks. We only have a paper libdem methinks... but council is very close

Benedict White said...

MTF, Well you can normally tell, (unless it is a sneaky under the radar attack) by leaflet counts as well as canvasing.

You can also tell by how safe a ward is.

That said, looking at the LD's efforts in the ward I am standing in, I'd be inclined to believe they were paper candidates if it was not a fairly safe LD ward.

It isn't of course, as they are about to find out.