Saturday, April 14, 2007

Media to speculate why Kate and Prince William split

Apparently according to one report I heard, someone from the Tatler was quoted as saying that now the media will be in some sort of frenzy trying to work out why Kate Middleton and Prince William had split.

The irony.

It seems these fools can't work out for themselves how much pressure the media speculation of the last few years has put them under. It must be very distressing to have all sorts of journalists and photographers following your every move and then writing it up endlessly.

The BBC has this.


loadofoldstodge said...

Evening Benedict. To be honest, I have very little time for EITHER William or Harry. Their behaviour in London has been outrageous.

We may or may not consider it "normal" for young men to drink hugely expensive (though of course they don't actually pay) cocktails, cavort with young women until they fall over in the street and generally act in the style of many binge-drinking teenagers but am I wrong to want to see the heirs to the throne setting some kind of example ?

I think Kate Middleton deserves better than this immature boozer and his half-witted younger sibling.

Benedict White said...

loadofoldstodge, Are they still doing that?

Even so, why pick on Kate?

Anonymous said...

William, who I don't like, although not in the active sense, is too young to be getting married, given who he is and given his probable military career.

Kate Middleton is a beautiful woman and will not be scarred, on the international circuit, by her liaison with Prince William.

To me, Harry is the more interesting of the two brothers and, I think, will be the most pivotal at some time in the future.

I never liked Diana, but I feel that, as a mother, she had a moment of prescience when she insisted he be called Prince Harry.

No matter what a drunken young twerp he is now, I have a feeling he is going to figure in the destiny of our country.