Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Brown Pension Grab, day 4

I am not sure how much new news there is on this, but this story which broke late on Friday is still running (I wonder how long my yet to be published text a visa over stayer story will run, it seems you have to beat FOI requests out of government) 4 days later.

The Telegraph has this, whilst the Daily Mail has this.

The interesting thing about the story in the Daily Mail is that Derek Scott, Tony Blair’s former chief economic adviser claims Gordon Brown railroaded this through against advice.

It also seems the Brown Camp is beginning to see this as some sort of Blairite plot so expect further mud slinging in the coming days.

Alistair Campbell had a rule which was that if you were in the news for a fortnight you were the news and you had to go. I wonder how long this will run for?

What is certain is that many pensioners who had saved so they did not have to rely on the state have been forced to do exactly that, whilst many who could have been persuaded to save and make their own provision so that they don't have to rely on the state have been put off. Not good at all.


Steve_Roberts said...

What would have to happen to make this affair spill over from being about a mistake - the pension tax-grab - to being about the fitness for / acceptibility in office of those who made and subsequently defended the mistake ?

Benedict White said...

Steve_Roberts, good question. Ultimatly only the electorate can answer that. Labour are silly enough to make him leader!

(if they don't then they will have bigger problems!)