Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Labour on lowest poll rating ever

According to this poll in the Times today. It puts Labour on 29% (-1) Conservatives on 37% (Also -1) and the Liberal Democrats on 20% (+2).

According to Martin Baxter's election predictor here, that gives a seat break down of 321 seats for the Conservatives, 243 for Labour and 53 for the Liberal Democrats. That puts the Conservatives 5 short of an overall majority.

Last Tuesday, in this article I predicted that Labour would go below 30% and they have. They have hit their lowest poll rating ever and I still predict that they can fall from here. The only question is can the Conservatives capitalise on Labour's woes.

Mind you I am still waiting for my favourite pollsters ICM and YouGov to produce polls as they will make more interesting reading.


Richard Havers said...

If the suppressed poll done by the Herald, mentioned on Iain Dale's site then they've slipped even lower in Scotland - somewhere closer to 25%

Colin Campbell said...

Wow they are less popular than Celtic fans at Ibrox. Part of the issue is that the Tories have a toff as an alternative and that does not go down too well with much of the UK.

Benedict White said...

Richard Havers, I am aware of that poll, but it is not by a transparent pollster so I would not bet on it.

Colin, I hear what you are saying, but the fact is that Cameron is going down well in large parts of the country.