Monday, April 30, 2007

John Reid kills Labour!

And I have to say well done. Apparently according to this article in the Telegraph, John Reid is not only not going to stand against Gordon, but unite behind him. As is Tessa, soon to be out of a job, Jowell. (How will that affect her husbands, David Mills earning power?)

I must say I am over joyed at the news! My Score bet with Mike Smithson is looking safer still, not withstanding the deal between Labour's two key no hopper's, Meacher and MsDonnall to both vie for a very small number of nominations.

I do know for a fact that this stitch up is causing problems with the grass roots. The local elections will also decimate the grass roots.

You can't win an election without the grass roots. The Referendum party had bucket loads of cash, but no grass roots and all they did was cost us Conservatives a few MP's. Anyone who thinks grass roots are not important is losing it.


Richard Havers said...

On Andrew Marr yesterday Reid didn't actually rule out standing. His answer was very devious.

Benedict White said...

Richard, Politicians in devious answer shock!

Well he appears to have almost completly shut his position, and so Labour's.

Anonymous said...

Well Cameron ignores pretty much everything your Grassroots stands for, so does that mean he's also "losing it"?

Benedict White said...

Anonymous, Does he? Perhaps you speek to a different set of grass roots?