Friday, April 20, 2007

Weasels try to escape scrutiny

It appears some MP's are supporting a private members bill, laid before Parliament by Former Conservative chief whip David Maclean, a man who ought to be thoroughly ashamed of himself.

The bill allows MP's exemption from the Freedom of Information Act, so that we can't find out how much MP's get in expenses and what for. This is trying to roll back transparency and is clearly wrong.

Regular readers will remember that Norman Baker, (Liberal Democrat) MP for Lewis spent two years trying to beat the expenses information out of the House of Commons which spent £17,000 resisting!

Anyway, there is now an online petition you can sign to register your disapproval of this bill, here, I have signed it and I urge you to sign it as well.

Fortunately there are many members across all parties who think this is a very bad idea as well.

The BBC has this


Anonymous said...

I want any Tory MP who is supporting this crazy notion to be given a damn good slapping. It is politically inept. We have two or three more years of getting mileage out of these inquisitions as to how OUR representatives are spending OUR money. Given Labour are the Government of the day (of a sort!) surely they are more likely to be tainted in the public's mind if more stuff and nonsense is turned up? Long may the ferrets flush out the weasels.

What it does darkly suggest is some Tory MP's are determined that when THEY are back in power, there will be no change from the level of New Labour grubbiness we are currently suffering. And that is NOT why I pound the the pavements to help get Tories elected.

Benedict White said...

Marquee Mark, I totaly agree.

Anonymous said...

Good for you, Marquee Mark. I would be interested to know what is this McLean individual's reasoning, which is bound to be faulty and self-serving. It gives rise to the question, what is he trying, with such vigour, to hide from the taxpayer?

This is a sleazy move and it is going to take the focus off 10 years of socialist sleaze.

Anonymous said...

It's OK. It got talked out by Norman Baker and some allies. They kept the debate going for five hours, which is the limit.

Norman Baker is an unsung hero.

Benedict White said...

Verity, yes that is good news! Well done Norman, again.

Anonymous said...

Norman Baker is a bloody star. He is one of the few people in Parliament who are utterly and completely committed to democracy and he spends every day of his life fighting encroachments on it.

Benedict White said...

Verity, yes I agree. Norman is definately one of the "awkward squad" and parliament needs more of those!