Thursday, April 26, 2007

Junior Doctors information leaked, and they want us to trust them with our ID?

You will have heard the shocking tale that junior doctors who had applied online for training posts had all their personal information displayed for all the world to see.

The BBC has this, whilst Dizzy has this.

I just can't believe that this government wants us to trust them with all our identity information and indeed medical records! No way! This is sheer lunacy!

A government spokesman did say that the ID card system and medical records system would have different protocols. This means that either the people responsible for the medical recruitment database are just pants and were not properly managed or supervised, or that this is an empty promise and trusting government with your information is madness.


Anonymous said...

Write to your GP [I did] and INSTRUCT THEM not to put your Health Record on the 'Spine' / Single Care Record.

You CAN opt-out, it is NOT compulsory - there is further information on this at the Guardian website, or on NO2ID, if you need further background

Don't take NO for an answer..

Anonymous said...

Confidentiality of documents whether held in a chip or on a pc can never be guaranteed, there will always be a way to hack into it or it be disclosed thro lack of security.
The Govt has more than enough info on me anyway, as far as ID cards go they can get stuffed.
Methinks if Labour persist with ID cards it will be their poll tax, so let em get on with it.

Shades said...

I question why it is important that their personal details be collected in the first place. What business is it of the Government whether they are gay, Jedi or have ASBOs?

Benedict White said...

Anonymous, Yes I must do that, they really are useless.

MTF, It is not a question of electronic data always being insecure, more of a fact that this government has put media and user friendliness ahead of security.

If you are going to hold data you have to ask where, how and who is going to access it. That of course impinges oh how useful it is.

Benedict White said...

Delicolor, I could see why they would want to know of unspent criminal convictions, but you are right, the rest is irrelevant.

The MTAS system has been a shambles from start to finish.

Fitaloon said...

It's all the Daily Mail's doing.
MTAS..Methods Consulting..Jobsite..Associated Newspapers..Daily Mail

Benedict White said...

Fitaloon, Are you saying they did the website?

Really? I wouldn't let them tie my shoes!

barry monk said...

I am pleased that you are covering this important story, which has been totally missed by the BBC until yesterday morning.

Andrew lansley made a brilliant forensic dissection of Patricia hewitt on Tuesday in the debate in parliament which was not mentioned at all by the BBC. It is worth reading

Benedict White said...

Barry, many thanks I will look that up. That said right now I am very busy with an election!