Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Iran Hostage Crisis, who knew about selling stories?

Unsurprisingly Liam Fox, Conservative Shadow Defence Secretary is keeping up the pressure on the government about the whole hostage crisis including the original capture. He is demanding an inquiry.

I am not sure how much we need one, as the reasons for the capture are clear, but someone does need to take responsibility which they will not do unless they get criticised by an inquiry.

The other interesting aspect is the question of who knew what and when, and who gave the green light to the sale of the stories.

We know that the suggestion came up from the Navy, (or at least we think we do) and went to a defence minister probably Des Browne. However Downing street is refusing to answer questions on whether Tony Blair knew or not.

Now the decision has become a bit of a stinker it seems every one wants to distance themselves from it.

The BBC has this here.

For more on the hostages see here.

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