Saturday, June 16, 2007

Are the Royal Mail really selling of "lost" items?

According to this article in today's Daily Mail the Royal Mail sells off items of post where it has effectively lost them. It seems this runs to 75,000 items a year.

The case highlighted in the article concerns a £1,500 set of bag pipes, which were sold online in an auction for £60, and then went on Ebay. The poor owner of the pipes could only claim £500 in compensation so he is now £1,000 out of pocket.

Why don't they try returning them to the sender? Perhaps they should suggest a return address should not only be on the outside of the parcel but on the inside as well.


Anonymous said...

Just noticed this post and gob smacked at the story of the bagpipes. So the post office loses £1500 worth of bagpipes and the owner who obviously claimed lost out to the tune of £1000 whilst the culprits made £60, unbelievable.
How many requests do they get for missing bagpipes and surely this is beyond incompetence?

Benedict White said...

ChrisD it is both bizzare and wrong. He was also chasing it up for ages as well!