Thursday, June 28, 2007

Cash For Peerages, Tony Blair questioned by Police again! Was it under caution?

Apparently Tony Blair has been questioned again by police according to the Press Association.

I wonder if it was under caution, after all they wanted to question him under caution but did not, (see here) as he was a sitting Prime Minister.

Yesterday I asked if they would now question him under caution and it appears that they may have done.

This could be very interesting.

Many thanks to those on for highlighting the news, Iain Dale also has this whilst Guido has this.

For more on Cash for Peerages see here.

Update 13:04

According to Radio 4's World at One Tony Blair was not questioned under caution.

Update 15:53

Apparently the questioning happened 3 weeks ago, but the news was not released until today.

Good news management?

I wonder if they will question him under caution?

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Anonymous said...

I've written about this too, it certainly seems like Question Time isn't over yet for Tony Blair.