Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Where is the honour in killing?

We hear of "honour killings" but where is their honour?

The BBC has this.


Anonymous said...

'Where's the honour?"

Are your serious?

As though there were any reachable equivalency between these primitives who got into our country and carry out their primitive tribal rituals (which won't go punished, because "it's their way')and our ancient civilisation. They kill gay men, too.

This beautiful young woman - and it would not matter if she had not been beautiful - was murdered by her ghastly family who should be shipped back to the land of their ancestors. What's the betting that won't happen and they will stay in Britain on welfare and bring in more of their tribe with incestuous first cousin marriages?

As MP Anne Cryer,in Bradford, has campaigned for several years, first cousin marriages must be made illegal. The Pakistanis account for 33% of child deformities and birth defects on the NHS due to incestuous marriages.

Why is this OK?

Supposedly the islamics are 3% of the population, yet account for 33% of birth defects on the NHS,taking up money that could be better spent on Alzheimer's and breast cancer.

Isn't this weird?

Anonymous said...

No question they are guilty with those ‘tashes.

There must be an angry gene running through the male line of the family.

Anonymous said...

"won't go punished, because "it's their way'
Well, I think they might go to prison. And once there they'll only have access to laptops.

Benedict White said...

Verity, it is a rhetorical question.

However you make some contentious claims re birth defects. have you a source for them?

flashgordonnz, Yes they will go down, and I wonder what sort of conditions they will face in prison.

Anonymous said...

Every time I mention this well-established fact people write in and say: "What is your source?"

Do you really imagine everyone keeps a vast file of everything they've ever read?

Why don't you look it up?

I read it about a year or so ago in The Telegraph. That narrows your search for you.

I'm not going to do research for everyone who is too lazy to type 'birth defects pakistanis' or something similar.

Or email Ann Cryer. This MP has been a voice in the wilderness trying to get incestuous marriages made illegal. Of course Tony didn't want to introduce such a bill because he loves that islamic postal voting.

Anonymous said...

Benedict, it is not a contentious claim. It is a FACTUAL claim backed by the NHS. I'm not in the habit of writing anything at all unless I am certain of my facts. Do not call my statement "contentious" just because you find it unbelievable. The reason I remembered it is because it is so bloody shocking.

Anonymous said...

My, My. That was easy.
Many thanks, Verity.

Anonymous said...

I never go to links on blogs because, obviously, one doesn't know the poster.

I'm sure one can research other papers than The Telegraph, but that's where I read it. Also, I am sure Anne Cryer's office in Bradford has a wealth of facts.

Anonymous said...

Well, apart from that beautiful young Iraqi woman who was murdered last week, it looks as though the "Asians" have been busy in Cambridgeshire as well! Two dead teen-aged girls have been found in a house and the Asian mother has been arrested.

Benedict White said...

Verity, as yet we do not know the motive for the murder.

Anonymous said...

No, we don't. But the police believe it was a double murder and their mother is yet another Asian. Whyever she did it, if she did, Asians do seem to make a specialty out of murdering their adolescent/adult children.

Erik 9:12- I thought your post was sarcastic and you may have inserted a trick link - to a porn site or something equally repulsive - but someone else clicked on the link for me, and I see it was a genuine note of thanks. I apologise for the unfair assumption.