Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Will Lord Cohen be the new Lord Levy?

There is an interesting report in this mornings Financial Times about fund raising for the Labour party.

Apparently since Gordon has got the job (well, at least since he was nominated unopposed) money has been rolling in. Apparently big business figures have contributed more than £500,000.

Ronnie Cohen (not yet a Lord, but I emphasise the yet) has been sort of at the center of this, but people close to the situation (is this like sources "close" to Lord Levy? Like remarkably close?) have insisted that what Lord Levy has done will not be repeated and what is happening is merely networking of like minded people.


I suspect Guido will have a field day.

One of the main reasons why political commentators don't think there will be a snap election is money. Labour just do not have any. Well, this could remove that.

It has to be noted though that £500,000 is a drop in the ocean and does not even begin to cover Labour's running costs let alone paying off its debts, but it is interesting to note how Gordon Brown's dark money men are replacing Tony's.

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