Sunday, June 10, 2007

So what job will Jack Straw get?

Speculation has been rife about what ministerial job Jack Straw would get since he became Gordon Brown's "campaign manager" and essentially saw Gordon returned unopposed for the post of PM.

Over on the job of Home Secretary had been excluded because of it's poisoned chalice qualities whilst the Foreign office has also been excluded on the grounds that Jack may have annoyed the Americans over Iran. That would seem to leave the Treasury and in particular making Jack Straw Chancellor.

However today's News of the World reports an alleged exclusive that Jack will be in the Home Office whilst Alistair Darling will be Chancellor.

Hmm.. I wonder if that is just speculation?

The article does not appear to be online and the News of the World website is not very good.


Anonymous said...

Its always been a mystery that it's called The News of the World, since there's hardly ever any news in it. Its all tits and bums and sex scandals.. yawn

Benedict White said...

Maggie Thatcher Fan, I think the same people who named the paper also came up with such greats as "The Peoples Democratic Republic of China" and the like!