Sunday, June 03, 2007

Brown to get tough on terror?

Interestingly enough the Sunday papers carry news that Gordon Brown is to bring in yet more anti terror measures when he gets in.

Hmm.. Well, John Reid has been trying to get a cross party consensus on new measures and is about to announce them next week, so it is interesting to see Gordon bluster into the middle of that field with his own take.

Brown proposes:

Another attempt to get 90 days with out charge. No chance.

Intercept evidence to be used in court (or at least looking at it). Well that is what the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats have been arguing for for ages!

Allowing terror suspects to be questioned after being charged, again another opposition proposal.

Making terrorism an aggravating factor in other offences. (Conservative proposal)

Increasing the amount spent on the security services (Something with which I agree).

So he appears to be trying to steal John Reid's thunder whilst the only proposals he is likely to get through are ones that have been lobbied for by the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats.

How interesting.

The BBC has this, the Sunday Times this, and the Observer has this.


Anonymous said...

That's the trouble with engineers; They're always trying to change things.
- Dr. McCoy, Star Trek: the Motionless Picture

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

That explains it, then, because when I saw this news I thought, "I'm sure I've heard of these proposals before!"

Benedict White said...

Unique Articles, Yes, as opposed to enforcing the systems we have already got!

Yes Welshcakes, this government is big on recycling even stolen policies!

Anonymous said...

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