Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sack Lord Falconer Now!

Or so the Sun says over the early release of prisoners.

Seasoned readers of this blog, or indeed followers of the rather obvious impending prison space crisis will think this is utter rubbish. For all his faults Cheerful Charlie is the man handed the "hospital ball", "hot potato" or any other metaphor you care to use. One thing is clear is that he is not the architect of the prison systems woes, that responsibility has to lie between various Home Secretaries, Gordon Brown and the editors of the tabloids.

Given that the editor of the Sun has to steer clear of Gordon Brown because Murdoch may want to support him, they set John Reid's agenda and they are not going to resign over their own failings then I suppose that only leaves the poor chap holding the baby!


Anonymous said...

Lord Falconer is the convenient "fall guy" during the interregnum.
The fact that Blair and Brown are being left to go on a big ego trip abroad and in the UK by the media while we have this kind of chaos at the heart of government is inexcusable.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

al Qaeda has issued a statement condemning Hamas for ordering Mumtaz Durmush and the Durmush clan to release AJ.

This expains why Mumtaz Durmush is holding onto the British captive at the risk of a clash with the 500 Hamas Executive Force.

The Durmush clan, a.k.a. Army of Islam is a branch of AQ!!

Interesting times!

Anonymous said...

Chrisd, I was hoping I made it clear I thought so too. There is no way he is responsible for the fiasco, the responsibility for that lies between the Home Office an the Treasury.

Erik, I am not sure what the Durmesh clan are up to. I suspect they are opportunists after more influence. It also appears taht they can't take a hint that they are in trouble.