Sunday, June 24, 2007

A referendum, to be or not to be?

The big question political anoraks will be asking is will there be a referendum on the latest EU treaty which many see as a constitution.

The short answer is no, because if there was, it would be lost and by a handsome margin.

However what will I suspect happen is there will be many demands in the press for one, and rightly so. The proposed treaty is in almost the same every detail the constitution that the French and Dutch have already rejected. In fact quoting from the normally biased BBC, quoting a pro integrationalist Kirsty Hughes gives us this:
"It's much worse than the usual European stitch-up," says writer on European affairs Kirsty Hughes, a firm believer in European integration.

"It's essentially the same as the constitution, but many leaders are trying to sell it as something different, in order to avoid a vote. It's a collective lie."
The press are less than impressed. Saturday's Sun says:

WHATEVER deal is done in Brussels, Tony Blair will surrender power to the EU.

Britain will forever lose its right to veto EU laws in dozens of areas — including energy, agriculture and fisheries, transport, culture, tourism and even immigration policy.

The PM and Gordon Brown are right to fight over their “red lines”. But they are not enough.

With every fresh EU treaty, Britain’s sovereign right to set its own laws is being further eroded. And all without a referendum.

Mr Brown becomes Labour leader tomorrow.

This shabby surrender of British power could come back to haunt him.

Note the use of bold text. If the majority of the print media go on this big time then Gordon Brown will be in problems.

The big question on Europe has to be why? Why do this now? It seems that in many ways the EU is trying to grab as many if not more powers than the federal US government. The people of Europe are not interested. Why don't these people who want to make their names in history just stop, and leave that to someone else.

The Telegraph has this, the Times has this and this and the Mail on Sunday has this.


Anonymous said...

Is this post "On Topic" yet, Benedict?
erik said...

Erik, So what would you rather we do? Let the French run the EU?
Pull out, become a free trader. Bi-lateral agreements with everyone. Operate own laws/case law/immigration/foreign policies.
Pull-out of EU "army", alter structure/articles of NATO.
Temporary farming chaos but manageable.
Get rid of many thousands of box tickers/quango squatters/uncivil servants. De-politicize everything, - Stats office, treasury, etc leave education to professionals, cream will rise to the top. Strive once again for excellence.
Flat rate tax, with high threshold, bring back married couples allowances, structure taxes to reinforce the family unit. Capital gains tax to 20%, IHT threshold to 1m pounds, indexed to RPI. Corporation tax to 15%, and after 1 year, 12%. Qualifications for all MPs/lawmakers to include 15 years at management level in Industry.
Industry to have vote proportional to manpower employed, in local and national elections.
Most important, be honest.
And do it all in the first 100 days
How much more would you like, benedict?

Anonymous said...

Seems to me the Frogs are running the EU, Benedict

Anonymous said...

Disregarding all the labour and press bullshit, what I want to know is:-
1) Who is to be the next chancellor?
2) will they be free from gordies malevolence?
3) What are their policies on finances, taxation, spending, etc.

Far more important than the fanfare for a croquet playing, serial sex offending, 2 jags running, many residences, overpaid, fist swinging, irrelevant turd, I would have thought!