Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Nobody was responsible!

It seems that the report into the abduction of the naval personnel and subsequent media storm was unable to find the person responsible for giving the go ahead for the sale of the stories.


We were told that a report landed on Des Browne's desk saying that they should be allowed to sell their stories, and that he did not approve them but did not disapprove either until all the rather obvious fuss kicked off. (see Iran Crisis passim)

Did some mindless typist think oh no I have got nothing to do, I ought not to waste my time playing solitaire or surfing the web, so must type a memo? Oh what should it be about? Oh what has been in the news?

Just how on earth did a note turn up on Des Browne's desk, for him to make a decision (by law it was him and only him who could make it) without anyone taking responsibility for authoring it?

Have New Labour really gone that far that there is no responsibility in government at all? Anywhere?

The BBC has this on the reports into the hostage scandal.


Anonymous said...

So twere the invisible man, eh?

Love the large floppy.


Benedict White said...

Flashgordonnz, regretably the linkdoes not work :(

Anonymous said...

Hi. Sorry, I'm no programmer, so its a cut and paste jobbie. Me no speak html.

Anonymous said...

And I think I may have meant twas rather than twere.

Anonymous said...

What you would need to do is copy all the text in the address bar (ctrl + C) and then paste it in (ctrl +V)