Sunday, June 24, 2007

Gordon Brown wins Labour leadership shock!

After a 7 week campaign against er.. himself, Gordon Brown has indeed won the Labour leadership.

What a shocker!

The BBC has this.


It seems Harriet Harman may have won the deputy leadership, if so I will be laughing my head off!

Currently the BBC has this.

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Anonymous said...

I think Cameron's dead in the water. He went about all this 100% wrong - and that is because he has no experience of ordinary people and no way of predicting how they will think.

He should not even had one other OE on the team, never mind a little coterie of them. They all reinforce one another's separation from the reality of life as it is for 58m Britons. Dave himself was a terrible choice as leader. He's such an obvious little spinmeister. And man-made climate change is being discredited daily before our very eyes (to no one's surprise) and Dave made such a heavy investment in it. Totally divorced from the reality of most people's lives.