Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Save the Planet, Piss in the Sea!

One of the ways some scientists think may remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere is increasing plankton, or to give them their full name, phytoplankton which absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Quite a lot of them are eaten by various forms of sea life, but those that die on their own then sink to the ocean floor, locking up the CO2.

That said, their is no point in relieving yourself in any part of the sea, it has to be in a desolate zone, where there is little or no plankton, because of a lack of the right nutrients for plankton to grow. It appears that nitrogen is one such, and urea, which is in urine is a good source that plankton can use.

The BBC has this, as well as 4 other ways to save the planet here, here, here and here.

It has to be said that my favourite way of saving the planet is to get Africa to grow our bio fuels as President Lula of Brazil suggested. There are a lot of people in Africa who can't make a living out of farming because the west dumps subsidised food on them which causes economic problems as well as stifling food production. With a demand for African produce this could all change.


Anonymous said...

If the plankton are good, but whales eat a vast tonnage of plankton - does that mean that greedy whales are responsible for global warming? Should we be supporting Japanese whalers?? Or should we just get whales to eat at McDonalds instead???

This global warming thing - it's all very confusing....

Benedict White said...

Marquee Mark, LOL! :)

Anonymous said...

Down with Wales! I mean whales.

Lucy said...

The Great Flood of the times of Noah recorded in the Holy Bible, an account also reported almost in every culture on the Earth, did occur. Thanks for it.