Friday, June 22, 2007

Gordon Brown speaking David Cameron's language?

In what has to be a strange turn of events Gordon Brown seems to be speaking David Cameron's language. What is equally odd is that David Cameron in his speech on Monday is really talking about very old fashioned Conservative principles right out of the thinking of Edmund Burke about bottom up rather than top down thinking.

Many in the Labour party think that Tony Blair is a closet Conservative as do many in the Conservative party, but we never suspected Gordon Brown of being one as well!

How much of the Conservative ground will Gordon Brown try to steal? We will have to see how this pans out.

The BBC has this.


loadofoldstodge said...

I told you this was happening as far back as Monday during Gordon's speech to the ACPO Conference.

I think the Conservatives are in huge trouble here - Brown is shamelessly stealing clothes, policies, anything that isn't nailed down.

This is the tried and trusted Labour tactic which worked so well against Hague. Cameron will be forced to tack to the Right in order to sound distinctive from Brown and thereby risks losing much of his new-found support.

He will be aided and abetted in this by Davis and his cohorts and I suspect a lot of Tory activists will be happy. it also means of course that the next election is already lost for you.

Benedict White said...

loadofoldstodge, I agree totally on what Brown is doing, furthermore I agree that he is hoping for exactly what you describe, (we have been there, done that got the T shirt and so on) however Cameron has already made it clear that he will support policies we agree with and we will.

In some ways this is new territory but don't expect a loony dive to the right.

Anonymous said...

Such hidden knowledge
Such faked emotion
Tailored arguments
According to site.
Such a waste.
Such a pity.
Deceit from height.

Why? is the question.
Why? is unanswered.
Teaching lessons?
Shadowing movements?
Probabilities slight.

Minds a-wasted
Abilities mis/ab/used
Voyuering quite likely.
Needed dependency.
Highly likely.

Is it a bully?
Quite evidently.
Loyal adherents?
Got to ask why.
Is it a bully?
Does it crave following?
Compatriots in action?
Superficial adherents?
While-ever it flows?

Devious intentions?
Point to it all?
Deceit from high.

Such hidden knowledge.
Minds a-wasted.
Better deployment?
Benefit all?
Gives no high.

Planned traps in verbosity.
Delight in succumbment.
Monitor effect.
Gives the high.

Minds a-wasted.
Minds a-twisted.
Weight of knowledge
Heavy to bare?
Return of normality.
Deceit from high.

Anonymous said...

So sad.................