Friday, June 15, 2007

Immigration, has government finally notices that there may be a problem?

It seems the government has set up a "commission" called the "Commission on Integration and Cohesion" to look into, well community cohesion and seems to have noticed that the number of migrants coming to a particular area may cause problems.

How nice of them to notice the exceedingly predictable.

If you have 10 people turn up somewhere in a town of 10,000 no one is really going to notice, or care. If you have 100, the same, but if you have new arrivals in the thousands it does cause problems, like housing shortages, strain on public service and a feeling that a community is being taken over. All of these lead to tensions.

The issue with immigration is not that it happens, it is how many and how quickly. This government has presided over record net immigration, and it is causing, or contributing to problems.

The BBC has this.


Anonymous said...

But the "government" - faceless, in this instance, as no one appears to have claimed credit for this insane idea - is going to force British teenagers to bond with an immigrant.

Has there ever been a more inept bunch of morons in charge of a country. It's enough to make one weep. How did they manage so much destruction in 10 short years - the blink of an eye in terms of the length of our history?

Benedict White said...

Verity, "Has there ever been a more inept bunch of morons in charge of a country."


Any other questions? ;)

Anonymous said...

But electing a conservative govt will replace one inept bunch of morons with another.

Anonymous said...

I am totally appalled at what is going in our country (sorry perhaps that should be their country) as they (immigrants)seem to have far more rights than I do.

Put a stop to immigration now before its too late (oh it already is too late)

What a mess