Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Now will Tony Blair be questioned under caution?

Regular readers will remember that the word on the street was that Yates of the Yard did want Tony Blair questioned under caution, but decided mot to after they were sent strong signals that it would not be a good idea to do so to a sitting Prime Minister.

Well, he isn't anymore, and he is about to disappear to Jerusalem so I hope they question both him and Lord Levy before they are off!

Also Guido seems to think that Ms Courtney Coventry has been questioned again about what she or her husband may have been offered in the way of inducements to donate. (Please note she is not a suspect). I wrote this at the time the story broke as it was very funny!


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Scotland Yard says she has nothing to say. She's just attention-seeking. However, it is nice to know that they are still on the job ... It hasn't all gone away.

Benedict White said...

Verity, I doubted she had much to add to the story other than amusement but she certainly has done that!

I think this case will drag on a little while yet.

Praguetory said...

Yes - he's been questioned again.

Benedict White said...

Praguetory, funny you should say that, as I have already blogged about that! (before you posted your comment)

Good news travels fast!

Anonymous said...

Read the telegraph. It has a quote from a police email saying they though her info was relevant and they wanted to use her as a poss witness. I think it is very strange that they fly her over then try to discredit her with comments like it was useless. I very much doubt they flew her over on a whim I bet she has serious info relating to the case otherwise why bother. More likely the police got told by powers that be to stop after the press found she was there Read what you like into the statement by by police" we did not intend to embarrass Blair on his last day" The whole thing is very strange but according to the courtney coventry website we will get to see what she has one way or the other.. I think this case will go on for a bit and as someone else says she has made it a lot more amusing (and attractive) at least, throw in a pretty girl and it improves anything.

One note on the whole mess .. I would bet every last one of that lot are guilty Lord Levy definately and probably Blair as well.