Monday, June 25, 2007

Snap election exclusive to all papers!

It seems that some of the press (rather than all as the headline implies) have taken the view that Gordon Brown will call an election by May 2008.

The Sun thinks it will be in the autumn* though the Times in this article thinks it has assurances that it will not be in the autumn but in spring 2008. The Daily Mail also thinks an election will be called in 2008. The FT also has a little speculation on the idea here based on the same information.

The prime reason the papers seem to be taking this line is that Gordon Brown has appointed Douglass Alexander as General Election coordinator. I may be wrong but I thought he was involved in the Scottish elections with special responsibility for making sire there were as many spoilt ballots as possible.

It has to be said that the Dead Tree press are looking desperately speculative here, though the ones who run it are close to either New Labour or Gordon Brown, except the FT.

Personally I think there is no chance of an early election because although Gordon Brown is an arch political player I don't think he has the courage to do it.

* For those who do not speak English, you may call it "the fall".

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youdontknowme said...

I doubt there will be an election. I think the Labour party still have serious debts.

We can always hope there's an election though.