Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tony Blair whinges about Alistair Campbell's Frankenstein

I have to say I chuckled when I heard Tony Blair witter on about how the media is destroying our politics and institutions and so on and so forth.

The fact is the man and his machine span against John Major and his government with no regard for the truth, against Dr David Kelly (may he rest in peace) again with no regard for either the truth or common decency.

So whilst I agree with what he said, and heaven truly rejoices when a sinner repenteth, the problem is he has not repented, or at least not enough. He has not said sorry to either John Major or Dr David Kelly's family.

The man is hoist by his own petard and a jolly good job too. Cheats should never prosper, nor liers and charlatans.

The one bit I did think was fair was his criticism of the Libdemograph.

Once upon a time there was a newspaper that had news, and it was broad, good and accurate. Then it had a little comment. It has been perverted beyond all wildest recognition is is now nothing but a daily political pamphlet. It used to be The Independent and is now the Libdemograph.

The Independent has this, and this, and then this and this, however it does have the speech in full, (do you think it riled them?) the Times has this and the BBC has this.

Alistair Campbell's full edited take is available at all bad booksellers.


Anonymous said...

Yes, May Dr David Kelly, a far more academically qualified man than slapper "Call me Tony!", which he apparently said to the Queen, rest in peace. The evil that was done to Dr Kelly and his familly stalks on, though. They're all still out there, operating and moving around.

Stonch said...

What was wrong with Blair saying "call me Tony" to the Queen? You just come across as a twat for focussing on that.

I agree with Benedict's comments apart from the vitriol directed at the Independent. The Telegraph is FAR more of a Tory rag than the Indy will ever be a LidDem one.

The fact the Telegraph criticses the Tories from time to time and perhaps the Indy doesn't slag off the LDs much is more a function of the fact the Libs aren't actually competing for office so there's not much point.

If the LibDems were the principal opposition, I am sure the Indy would try and influence the direction of the party by poking sticks at it, much as the Telegraph does to Tories.

Anyway, who cares?

Benedict White said...

Verity, fair enough.

Stonch, my complaint about the indy is based on being an ex reader. I started to read it because I wanted to read a NEWSpaper. As it was the only NEWSpaper published I got that one. Now it is no longer a NEWSpaper, nor independent. So I have a choice of which biased piece of cr*p I want to read and it is not the Libdemograph.

Perhaps that has clarified my problem with the indy.

Tony Blair on the other hand can get lost, he has no right to have a go at the beast he and Alistair created.

Anonymous said...

Benedict - Agreed. Tony Blair's whimpering about the press - and the freedom of the internet - is certainly a source of innocent merriment in my home.

Stonch writes: "What was wrong with Blair saying "call me Tony" to the Queen? You just come across as a twat for focussing on that."

Well, I admire your old world elegance and skillful writing, but you don't explain your point. Perhaps you'd like to try again.

What is wrong with Tony saying to the Queen "Call me Tony" is, it is impertinent and thuggish. It is not for him to try to set the terms of familiarity with the monarch.

Anonymous said...

"call me Tony" sends a signal: "you old has been: if I could abolish you with a vote in the commons, I would".