Sunday, June 24, 2007

Telegraph report Dewey in shock win of Labour Deputy Leadership!

In a mirror of the Dewey beats Truman headline of the Chicago Daily Tribune which went to press saying Thomas Dewey beat harry Truman in 1948 The Telegraph website had Alan Johnson winning the deputy leadership campaign. As it happens he lost to Harman by 0.9%.

Well the Telegraph did have this, which looked like this:

Regretably showing no humour or indeed a correction they just have this:

Of course Harriet Harman did in fact win, but the Telegraph's story won't be in print so how will she do this?

Update 20:26,

I forgot to add the Telegraph article's text said this:

Alan Johnson chosen as Brown's deputy

By Richard Holt
Last Updated: 2:21pm BST 24/06/2007

Alan Johnson, the Education Secretary, has been elected deputy leader of the Labour Party.

Mr Johnson beat fellow Cabinet members Hilary Benn, Alan Johnson, Hazel Blears and Peter Hain as well as justice minister Harriet Harman and left-wing backbencher Jon Cruddas.

Although he will be Gordon Brown's deputy when the Chancellor is announced as party leader, Mr Johnson is not guaranteed to become Deputy Prime Minister.

He will have to wait until Mr Brown announces his new Cabinet on Thursday before finding out whether he will hold both posts vacated by John Prescott.

It is thought that the role of Deputy Prime Minister may go to Jack Straw, the Commons Leader, who has run Mr Brown's "unopposed" campaign for the party leadership.

Mr Johnson, a former postman, was elected at a special party conference in Manchester following a complex series of voting among Labour Party members.

Ballots for the deputy leadership closed on Friday with Mr Johnson frontrunner followed by Mr Benn.

Gordon Brown is confirmed as party leader today and will take over as Prime Minister when Tony Blair steps down on Wednesday.

I'd like to thank Richard Holt for making me laugh!

Also hat tips to Dave Wild for the link to the Telegraph article, and Jack W for the link to the Dewey picture, both on


Anonymous said...

Absolutely hilarious, Benedict!

Well done for publicising it. As you suggest, if The Telegraph had just owned up to its error, it would have been easily laughed off. Now they look humourless as well as incompetent.

As to the (real) result, I'm not a Harman fan. My Party membership lapsed many years ago but if I'd still had a vote, I would have put her sixth. I suspect however that she will prove an electoral asset.

You guys had better watch out. Way you're going, you could even lose the next election!

Finally, thanks for your help with Ascot. Sorry the tips weren't more successful but as you may have gathered, there were a lot of very surprising results.

May your blog continue to prosper, and you with it Benedict.

Benedict White said...

Many thanks Peter, how many did come in a place on Saturday? I have not been able to check.

Benedict White said...

Oh, and I suspect Harman will not be an electoral asset but we will have to see.

As for us losing the next election, there is always a wing of any party that would rather be "right" than in power and we need to get them to shut up.

Anonymous said...

Re Ascot, Benedict, it was three - which doesn't sound so bad but one was very short, so you wouldn't have made anything from following the tips.

Agree wholeheartedly with your comment about parts of the Party.

Keep up the fight. It needs you and people like you.