Thursday, June 28, 2007

Felicity Jane Lowde jailed for 6 months today

According to this report in the Oxford Mail Felicity Jane Lowde jailed for 6 months today, been given a 5 year ASBO and has a restraining order against her. This follows on from persistent online harassment of Rachel North.

She was originally convicted in April in her absence as she did not attend court and had sacked her defence team. A warrant was issued for her arrest, hence the wanted campaign, and then arrested in an Internet cafe on Brick Lane on the 7th of June.

Regret ably there is no mention of treatment of help for any mental health issues.

Felicity Lowde did say she was appealing, a sentiment I do not share.


Anonymous said...

conservatives are morons

Anonymous said...

Benedict, the shiite is about to hit the fan in the middle east, and our cretin politicians and navel gazers are playing musical chairs.

1) The week before the G8 opened in Germany, Moscow released the long-withheld nuclear fuel for Iran’s atomic reactor in Bushehr. It was delivered 24 hours before Israel launched its new military imaging satellite Ofeq-7, bringing forward the Iranian threat to Israel. (If Iran was truly peaceful in its nuclear plans, it could go the Thorium route)
2) A few days before the nuclear fuel left the Siberian factory, Tehran delivered the sum of $327m for a fresh delivery of Russian missiles to Syria. Iran pledged another $438m for further arms consignments
3) Putin never promised Bush that Russia would deny Iran the nuclear fuel for its Bushehr reactor in perpetuity, as some administration circles in Washington have claimed in the last two years. He did assure Washington, mainly in conversations with US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, that he would postpone delivery as long as he could, despite Moscow’s contractual commitments to Tehran.
4) During the first week of June,2007, two high-ranking Iranian delegations spent time in Damascus. One was composed of generals who held talks with Syrian leaders on coordinated preparations for a Middle East war in the coming months.
5) At the Iranian end, a similar high-ranking Syrian military delegation called in at Iranian army and Revolutionary Guards headquarters to tighten operational coordination between them at the command level, as well as inspecting the Iranian arsenal. The Syrian general staff will draw up a list of items it is short of for a possible military confrontation with Israel this summer. The $438m, mentioned above is to cover this list.
6) Iranian foreign minister Manouchehr Mottaki’s three days of talks in Damascus at the end of May further consolidated the strategic partnership between the two governments under the mutual defence pact they signed a year ago.
7) Iranian leaders foresee the next UN Security Council in New York at the end of June or early July ending with an American announcement that the sanctions against Tehran are inadequate because Russia and China have toned them down. Therefore, the military option is the only one left on the table. They are preparing.
8) Israel’s transport minister Shaul Mofaz traveled to Washington during the first week of June at the head of a large military delegation. Iran is certain that Mofaz, a former defense minister and chief of staff, used the strategic talks to tie the last ends of the planned US offensive.
9) On June 14/15, Hamas completed the take-over of Abbas/Fatah forces, real estate, intel, etc in Gazoo, with the intention of converting Gazoo into an Islamist enclave. A proxy warrior for Iran. Syrian and Hizballah officers have set up a command center in the Gaza Strip.
10) Recently confirmation was given, of a heavy Iranian Revolutionary Guards incursion into southern Iraq
11) On 23rd June, an official Hamas VIP convoy headed by Hamas’ interior minister Siad Sayam – who is believed to have masterminded the Hamas coup in Gaza - was allowed to drive out of Gaza with 15 senior Hamas commanders who led the military action against Fatah last week. Their cars bore official Palestinian government plates. Egyptian security units escorted the convoy from Rafah to Cairo international airport, where the Hamas delegation boarded a plane for Damascus.
12) Egyptian intelligence minister Gen. Omar Suleiman then held a long telephone conversation with Hamas prime minister Ismail Haniyeh, who later made a speech declaring “resistance” (codeword for terror) was the only way forward for the Palestinian people.
13) This sudden Egyptian decision to lift the anti-Hamas blockade of Gaza, a day after condemning Hamas Gaza takeover as an illegal coup is pivotal. By helping the Hamas minister in charge of defence take off for military consultations with Syrian leaders, the Mubarak government was informing Israel that it would line up with Hamas against any Israeli military action ordered by Barak against the Islamist rulers of Gaza.
14) Egyptian intel was fully informed of Gazoo smuggling tunnels, but failed both to close them, or inform Israeli intel.
15) Strange moves have been made by members of the Muslim Brotherhood, which has its headquarters in Cairo.
16) A third US carrier, the nuclear-powered USS Enterprise Strike Group is heading towards the Persian Gulf
17) The USS Enterprise CVN 65-Big E Strike Group will join the USS Stennis and the USS Nimitz carriers, building up the largest sea, air, marine concentration the United States has ever deployed opposite Iran. This goes towards making good on the assurances of four carriers US Vice President Dick Cheney offered the Gulf and Middle East nations during his May tour of the region.
18) The “Big E” leads a strike group consisting of the guided-missile destroyers USS Arleigh Burke DDG 51, USS Stout DDG 55, Forrest Sherman DDG 98 and USS James E. Williams DDG 95, as well as the guided missile cruiser USS Gettysburg CG 64, the SS Philadelphia SSN 690 nuclear submarine and the USNS Supply T-AOE 6>
19) On its decks are the Carrier Air Wing CVW 1, whose pilots fought combat missions in the Gulf and Arabian Sea during 2006. The Air Wing is made up of F/Q-18 Super Hornet strike craft, the Sidewinders Strike Fighter Squadron VFA-86, the 251st Marine Fighter Attack Squadron MFA, and the Electronic Attack Squadron VAQ 137.
20) The 32nd Sea Control Squadron VS consists of S-3B Vikings. The Airborne Early Warning Squadron VAQ 3 flies E-2C Hawkeye craft. The Fleet Logistics Support Squadron VRC is based on C-2A Greyhounds.
21) In Lebanon, Syrian assassinations of anti-Damascus politicians continues, Hizbullah is fully re-armed with smuggled weapons, while UN peace keepers stand idly by, failing to enforce UN resolutions, and the Lebanese army is failing to quell AQ inspired insurgencies in Palis refugee camps.
Many Clocks are Ticking. The UK political scene does not inspire confidence. UK Main stream press insist on ignoring developments.

Anonymous said...

Made any progress on those climate links, Benedict?

Anonymous said...

Dear Erik,

If even half of what you say is true then you have ruined my day!

Why is this not being discussed in MSM?

Good article.

Benedict White said...

Anonymous, thanks for your intelegent comment.

Erik, interesting comment, but what has it got to do with Felicity Lowde?

BTW, it may have something to do with the next but one thread.

Could I suggest such long posts would be more appropriate on a blog of your own, which I am quite happy to help you set up.

Ken, yes it always concerns me when that part of the world is going to go bang, unfortunatly that is just about every other week.

Anonymous said...

Ken from Glos
I don't post without facts.
MSM have been battered by Blair enforcers to toe the line, besides, research requires effort.

Reports like these don't fit with deadlines. The EU, or as I say, eurinals, have a party line concerning the middle east. Broadsheets with any brains would naturally arouse their anger. I believe tacit censorship exists right now in the MSM. al-beeb is notorious.

The Eurinals are seeking to control the internet, by trying to take the responsibility for IP addresses away from the not-for-profit, US company that currently allocates them. The Eurinals charge that the US admin dabbles in the affairs of the Co responsible for the allocation. They are liars, the US admin does not.

Benedict, old buddy, you know my posting habits (smile).
I have thought about a blog, but my work can take me away for periods of time.
But thanks for your kind offer of help.

Benedict White said...

Erik, "I have thought about a blog, but my work can take me away for periods of time.
But thanks for your kind offer of help"


You can not post when you want to, or post from a mobile phone with internet access as I do from time to time.

Anonymous said...

1) My posts would be irregular. I prefer the factual, researched, long(ish) sort of thing.
2) My research interests are not "run of the mill"
3)My eyesight is such that I don't use a mobile phone.(2 pairs of glasses, and 2 magnifying lenses) I have considered that angle, but, well, no.
4) Besides, who would you complain about for being O/T, if I weren't here?

Vex said...

Long off-topic comments make your blog distracting for readers. Why do you allow commenters who do not contribute to the discussion of the subject at hand?

Anonymous said...

So, david.
You going to comment on felicity jane lowde, then?
Go-on, you can do it.

Anonymous said...

Well said, Peter.

Anonymous said...

Kisses from Felicity and her friends -hey, an on-topic comment :)

Anonymous said...

FJL has proof that Rachel North was lying I think

bathmate said...

I liked it.