Saturday, May 26, 2007

Wanted, Felicity Jane Lowde

Felicity Jane Lowde is wanted by police in connection with offences under the 1997 protection from harassment act, for stalking Rachel from North London.

She has been arrested, bailed, breached her bail conditions, been tried, in absentia and now there is a warrant for her arrest.

The picture It is circa ten years old. The police are unable to release her arrest photo, but say she has aged and put on considerable amounts of weight since it was taken.
Age 41 ( appears older). 5'8 tall.
Size 16/18 ( overweight for height)
Eyes brown/green with unusual squinting appearance in one eye

Hair mouse/light brown, possibly some grey
She usually uses internet cafes in London, usually between 4pm and 6pm.
Also likely to be found in public libraries and anywhere with cheap or free internet access. She periodically travels to North Oxford, where she lived before the trial

If you see her call Crime stoppers or the local police.

For more information see Rachel's post here.

Many thanks to Mike Rouse for the graphics, and Iain Dale for highlighting the issue here.

Update 28th of June 2007 17:36

For the latest news on this story and news on the sentence please see here.


Rachel said...

Thank you. Appreciated.

Benedict White said...

Rachel, No problem.

Anonymous said...

It seems Rachel isn't the only person to suffer. See :

Interesting that the police felt there wasn't enough conclusive evidence to progress the case against her at that time and now look what has happened.

I'd hope the Oxford newspaper will work with the police to determine where she is from this little posting outburst she has had there ...

Benedict White said...

mark, many thanks for the links, the second one being most instructive. Clearly Lowde needs help, as well as locking up.

Anonymous said...

Amazing news !

Anonymous said...

She was found

She was jailed

She has now been released

If someone sees your button still up and harasses her in the street you can be done for incitement

FTLG, take it down

Elizabeth Manuel said...

Felicity Jane Lowde is currently harrassing a friend of mine, threatening her etc on facebook. She has infiltrated her facebook account and keeps posing as other people to try and infiltrate my facebook account. She is genuinly mentally ill I believe and needs help, you can be intelligent and yet still suffer from forms of psychosis or mental breakdown that manifest as obsessive behaviour/aggression/manipulation. She needs medicating and monitoring as she is creating hell for herself and others. She is relentless and will not stop of her own accord - her illness will not resolve itself it will escalate without treatment (if it is treatable.