Monday, May 07, 2007

So what happens now?

Well, after the Conservatives gained just about 900 seats, 400 more than the BBC said would be a good result, Labour lost 495, whilst the Liberal Democrats lost 246 we await Tony Blair's announcement of when he will go.

We expect John Prescott to go at the same time and that will mean a deputy leadership election but it seems that it is unlikely that their will be a leadership election at the same time. Gordon seems to have made sure of that. Well, there will not be a serious one anyway. Michael Meacher and John McDonnell just do not count!

Ming Campbell seems to have scrapped through these elections without completely open revolt, but it is clear that there is some disturbance just under the surface. You don't have to look far to see it. The only question is will they kill another leader before the next general election? I do hope not, us Conservatives Like Ming, we think he can help us to win!

Well, I expect Cameron to carry on consolidating our position. Firm policies are not necessary this far out from a general election. There will not be a general election until at least 2009 because Labour simply does not have the money and Gordon Brown will not get much if any poll bounce when he becomes leader. If he gets any it will not last.

I expect Labour to start falling apart in much the same way the Conservative party did between 1992 and 1997. I expect the Liberal Democrats to stumble around trying to figure out where they ought to stand to take best advantage of the position, and to be blunt I expect them to fail.

What is clear is that now is a good time to be in the Conservative party, and I am very pleased Basil feels that too!


Maggie Thatcher Fan said...

Anyone who thinks New Labour can reinvent itself or whatever they like to call it, is living in a fools paradise. Those ministers Brown doesn't want will be far more dangerous on the back benches than in the Govt, plots to destabilise Brown will continue apace, the economy is close to nightmare scenario, (rising inflation, interest rates and house price collapses and repossessions, increasing unemployment, lower tax revenues leading to spending cuts), and it will inevitably result in Labour MP's going native in an attempt to protect their seats. The Whips wont be able to control the party.... ... its a poisoned chalice, and I'm glad Gordon Brown had it, Its death by 1000 cuts

Benedict White said...

MTF, You could well be right. House repossessions are up, though there is no sign of a house price collapse as demand is still very strong. That said interest rates look set to rise.

We will have to see how bad it gets.