Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Why doesn't Jon Cruddas wear his glasses in public?

Quite a few of us are optically challenged, to one degree or another.

For example, I am moderately short sighted, and need glasses to pick out fine detail at a distance so I wear glasses for watching TV, playing pool and driving. Of those I would only be really upset not to be able to watch TV without them though it would be touch and go as far as reading a number plate at the required distance for a driving test in a hurry without them I can see well enough to drive and play pool.

In short I need glasses a little so do not wear them as a rule but when in company in the circumstances I normally use them, I use them. (even when at college I found I could no longer quote make out what was on the blackboard from the back of the class at speed and had to wear old fashioned horn rimmed NHS glasses).

Jon Cruddas wears glasses most of the time, you can tell. He also wears metal framed glasses where the side arms attach in the middle of the eye and has plastic lightweight lenses.

What is most striking about them however is that they are far too narrow at the front for his head and face.

Now to be fair they could be a cheap pair of off the shelf reading glasses in which case I am sorry for this article, but if that is the case, why does he wear them so much, but not in public?

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