Sunday, May 27, 2007

Yet more anti terrorism legislation?

Apparently John Reid, with the Fuhrer, Tony Blair's support wants to bring in yet more anti terrorism legislation, according to the Sunday Times.

This follows on from the latest farce where three people have absconded from control orders, who are believed to pose no threat in the UK and may go to Iraq and act as suicide bombers or the like.

When that happened was that John "comrade" Reid promised new legislation within weeks. I am so glad it has been well though out. And so it has come to pass.

We are now promised new legislation to be tabled before parliament which in essence extends the police's powers in Northern Ireland to the UK mainland as they are about to be repealed there. There is the power to stop and question any one in the street, ask for their identity and what their business is without a suspicion that a crime has been committed. Apparently this is an improvement on the current stop and search laws which will need to be used less.

What? Are they seriously saying that stop and search measures are used in terrorist suspects? This both crass and stupid. In Northern Ireland there are 1 million people quite a few of which did not live in difficult areas. The casualty rate was significantly higher than on the UK mainland before those powers were brought in. There are about 60 million people on the mainland it will not help the anti terrorism war one jot. It will destroy what it means to be British.

There is of course no chance of any of this passing into law in the next 6 weeks. The House of Lords will stop it. Thank goodness for the House of Lords. Any one who thinks we want to open that house up to party hacks needs their heads examining.

Tony Blair has written an article justifying his authoritarian position in the Times, which I will deal with in another article.

The BBC has this.

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