Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mullah Dadullah killed in Helmand

Reports say that Mullah Dadullah, one of the main military leaders of the Taleban has been killed in Helmand. His body has been moved to Kandahar so hat this can be confirmed to the world.

Mullah Dadullah was not a nice man. In fact he was one of the most hardline and bloodthirsty in the Taleban. NATO are pleased and cite this as a major blow to the Taleban.

How much of a blow this represents is hard to tell. He certainly seemed a capable leader but then the Taleban operates a loose command structure so the loss of one leader may make little difference.

Where it will make a difference though is effectively shifting the center of gravity in the Taleban command away from the ultra hard liners.

We can but hope.

The BBC has this.

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