Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Ten years of Tony Blair

Well, we have had ten years of Tony Blair. It started with the Bernie Ecclestone affair, where £1 million went to Labour and the policy on banning tobacco advertising in sport suddenly developed an exemption for Formula 1.

From there on in, in terms of probity things have gone seriously down hill. We have now the cash for peerages saga. Then there is Iraq, Dr David Kelly, the auctioning of signed copies of the inquest into his death (the Hutton Report) for Labour party funds.

I could go on, but it would make me feel ill.

I am looking forward to Labour getting a severe kicking on Thursday and it will be well deserved.


James Higham said...

Mars Hill begs to differ from your conclusion here. I beg to differ from Paul.

Benedict White said...

James, does he? I have not had the pleasure.

Still, when I get a spare moment from campaigning I will have a look!