Friday, May 18, 2007

Weasels may get their bill!

Just in case you missed it the weasels are at it again trying to get MP's, but not MSP's, AM's or councilors an exemption from the Freedom of Information act.

The debate is still going on, and some valiant MP's are trying very hard to block it.

If you have not yet done so, I urge you so sign this petition against the bill!

I have for more information see here.

The BBC has this.


Marquee Mark said...


They got their third reading. Could you get us a list of those who voted for it please? Some naming and shaming is in order!

Benedict White said...

marqee Mark, done, it is on the next post.

Delicolor said...

I've signed. I'll also push my MP on an outstanding FOI request before it becomes statute.

Benedict White said...

Delicolor, well done, and push your MP hard!

verity said...

This is so outrageous it beggars belief. I can imagine how the Americans would react if their representatives chose to try to exclude themselves from their Freedom of Information Act.

Actually, they wouldn't.

I think the notion of special privileges for people in government stems from royalty. It just wouldn't occur to an American legislator that he could be excused from rules that apply to others. Britain really isn't a democracy in the true sense of the word. Government in Britain is all about divvying up privileges.