Wednesday, May 16, 2007

So how did I win that bet with Mike Smithson?

Well, I have to give credit where credit is due. I got a tip off a very experienced political punter many many months ago about the nature and character of Gordon Brown, and how he would ensure there was no competition. Gordon Brown does not do contests.

As time went on any challenger around him was brought low and knocked out of the race! The theory seemed right. Then, once you observed Labour party politics though that prism, all became clear. All doubt was removed from my mind and I decided Gordon would get his crown without competition.

So who is this great political tipster who out tipped the great Mike Smithson? Well, It was that famous author of the Political Punter, Mike Smithson, of!

Thanks for the tip Mike, it made me £20!


Peter the Punter said...

Just for fun, Benedict, could you put a photo of the cheque up on site?


Benedict White said...

Peter, now there is an idea!