Saturday, May 12, 2007

PFI Problems give Head Teachers headaches

Apparently the Association of School and College Leaders has issued statements highlighting the problems PFI deals are causing schools both in terms of management time resolving issues and cost.

I can't help but wonder how this all came about. When this government came to power it promised to provide new schools everywhere. Well that is fine as far as it goes, and some certainly needed work or replacing but not all did. I can't help but wonder if a headlong rush to build has caused some problems.

However there are other problems with the way PFI schools are working out. In some I have heard of the walls are made of plasterboard and the ceilings are suspended. Fine in an office block but not so good in a school where children will from time to time be a lot rougher with their surroundings.

The BBC has this.


Zac Newman said...

The problem with PFI is it is not enforced properly. Enforcement is down to local government, not the DFES. Local government needs high level help to face down the PFI companies.
We must ensure that the PFI estate is maintained to a high standard to get the good buildings that we have paid to have at the end of the contract.
This is not even touching on the problems of any variation being massively overcharged.
Please sign the petition below.

Benedict White said...

Zac, any chance of some examples?