Sunday, May 20, 2007

Brownites and Blairites at it already?

You would have thought that with Gordon Brown about to take over, without a vote and the endorsement of so many Blairites that all was well within the Labour party.

Not so according to this article in today's Mail on Sunday. Apparently Alan Johnson will let Jack Straw be the deputy PM over his dead body!

Choice quotes from the article include:
Labour sources say Mr Brown is considering giving the DPM role to Jack Straw as a reward for running his leadership campaign - with the new deputy Labour leader relegated to Party issues.

When Mr Johnson was asked about reports that Mr Straw would replace John Prescott as DPM, he replied: "Over my dead f****** body."

"It is a bit premature for Alan to be laying down the law as to who will do what in Gordon Brown's administration,' said one senior Brownite MP.

It looks like the fun will continue!

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