Monday, May 28, 2007

Metropolitan Police refuse to investigate deceptions under £40,000

Sources tell me that the Metropolitan Police will not investigate deception cases under £40,000. So if someone writes you a bad or forged cheque for less you had better hope you are covered some other way.

In many ways this policy, not officially announced of course is at best misguided because it allows people to commit a series of offences costing real people real money and essentially get away with it.

What is worse is what this money could be used for. Terrorism is a clear possibility as is organised crime.

The real problem is that many people can effectively have their savings stolen and be left destitute and the Metropolitan police will not lift a finger.

Clearly there is a problem here and it is one of resource. The police are clearly very busy elsewhere.The question is what can be done to increase the resource. Do we need more police in the service, or is there a problem with bureaucracy, or quite possibly both.

I am pleased I don't live in London.


CityUnslicker said...

could I borrow a few quid, times are a bit hard at the mo...£39k would do?

Benedict White said...

CityUnslicker, LOL!

Glydel said...
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